Colorado ban on campus concealed weapons defeated

Update (3/9/13): Things were lively in the Colorado legislature throughout the marathon session Friday night, and while various other aspects of gun-control legislation await final vote on Monday, Sen. Heath did indeed spike his campus concealed-carry ban.

The pure, deadly stupidity that has characterized this debate remained very much in evidence, as Heath read a long statement rattling off suicide statistics (so some women must be left vulnerable to sexual predators because other people use guns to commit suicide?  Firearms are the only method of suicide available?)

Then he got down to the core issue of gun control, which is the elite’s enduring distrust of the dimwitted, drunken citizens they rule.  From the Denver Post:

Another statistic: 40 percent of college students admit to binge drinking. A “drunken brawl can easily turn into a shoot-out” with guns involved, Heath said.

And, while critics have argued the bill would create “rape havens” on campus, Heath dismissed this argument.

But Heath acknowledged concerns about campus safety that came to light in the committee process.

“In committee, we heard from young women, who had tragic situations on campus where they felt a gun was needed for self- defense,” Heath said, “and those who experienced that same trauma at the hands of a concealed carry gun owner.

Not dismissive of the “rape haven” argument: gun-rights proponent and rape survivor Amanda Collins, who was attacked in a “gun-free zone” by an armed predator, only a few dozen feet from a campus police office.


Update: … or is the bill really dead?  The plot thickens as the Denver Post updates is original reporting, and says Sen. Heath might not have made up his mind… but his Democrat colleagues insist that no, his mind is indeed made up… but the Senate President says those guys are just peddling rumors:

The sponsor of a bill that would ban use of concealed weapons on college campuses said Friday he hasn’t made a decision whether to debate the bill, or just kill it.

Four Democratic lawmakers say Heath plans to set the bill aside.

“I haven’t made my decisions. I’m still working” on it it, said Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, the bill’s sponsor.

But Democrats insist to The Denver Post that Heath had agreed to kill his measure, but then later questioned whether he was doing the right thing.

Senate President John Morse said of those sources: “They were going off rumors.”

This simply is not the caliber of statesmanship I would expect from people who think women can’t be trusted with guns because they’re trigger-happy hysterics, and if you can’t beat a rapist with kung fu, there’s no point in trying to shoot him.


A debate that produced a great deal of agonizing stupidity from gun-control zealots in Colorado ended with their decisive defeat on Friday, as related by the Denver Post:

The sponsor of a bill banning concealed weapons on college campuses plans to kill his measure Friday, Democrats have confirmed.

Four Democratic sources close to the matter said the bill’s sponsor, Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, plans to kill the bill and it won’t be brought up for debate on the Senate floor.

House Bill 1226 already cleared the House anda Senate committee earlier this week amid controversial comments made by a House Democrat, and one in the Senate, about rape on college campuses.

Republicans have hammered Democrats over the rape remarks, jeopardizing a bill that already was in trouble. Two Democratic senators had openly said they were against it, Republicans needed only one more Democratic to kill the measure.

The “controversial comments” referenced by the Post include Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar suggesting that it’s better to arm high-strung women with rape whistles and “safe zones” instead of guns, so they don’t freak out if they “feel like you’re gonna be raped” and “pop out that gun and you pop a round” at random men.  Meanwhile, Democrat senator Evie Hudak was explaining to the survivor of a brutal rape how guns are useless against sexual predators once a woman’s tae kwon do skills have proven ineffective.  And the University of Colorado has been advising female students to repeal attackers with blood, vomit, urine, high-pitched screams, false threats of sexually transmitted disease, and “passive resistance.”