Illegal alien sequester dump includes dozens of criminals

Remember when the Obama Administration released that supposedly tiny number of carefully vetted non-dangerous illegal aliens from detention centers as part of the Sequestration Terror?  We already knew officials lied about the number of detainees released – the true number currently stands at 2,228, and there were plans to release thousands more.

The Miami Herald dug into the identity of these detainees, and found they are far from the otherwise innocent immigration scofflaws described to us.  76 of the 225 detainees released within the jurisdiction of the Miami Immigration and Customers Enforcement unit were convicted criminals, “including two who were considered aggravated felons.”

Originally, ICE officials said only a few hundred detained immigrants had been released nationwide. But on March 14, in testimony before a congressional committee in Washington, ICE chief John Morton revealed that the total was higher than had previously been acknowledged.

Morton said the freed detainees included not only undocumented immigrants with no criminal records, but also people convicted of theft, financial crimes and drunk driving.

???In some cases, multiple DUIs,??? Morton told a House appropriations subcommittee.

Morton added that at least 10 of the foreign nationals released were deemed to be ???Level 1??? offenders, the most risky designation. Four were later rearrested, he said.

But don’t worry, the government is keeping careful tabs on these guys… so careful that they couldn’t provide a breakdown of where they all went.  That doesn’t seem like it should be difficult information to provide, for two thousand carefully monitored individuals.

In Miami, federal officials familiar with the releases said they had no breakdown on how many detainees were released separately in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands. The sources also had no details on the charges or allegations against any of the 225 who were freed.

Morton said the state with the most releases was Texas. Officials later said a total of 771 foreign nationals were released in Texas.

The Arizona Republic newspaper reported recently that more than one-third of the 342 undocumented immigrants released from detention facilities in Arizona were convicted criminals, and that at least one was a Level 1 offender.

What did that Level 1 offender in Arizona do, to land himself in stir?  The feds won’t say.  The four released Level 1 detainees who were later taken back into custody were supposedly released due to a “computer error.”  In other words, the monstrous deficit-fueled government that’s going to naturalize 11 million illegals (and charge them all back taxes for their years of under-the-table labor!), then introduce them to the joys of the welfare state and ObamaCare, couldn’t even avoid severe information errors when releasing ten Level 1 felons from ICE detention centers, as part of a bid to make a 2 percent reduction in spending feel as painful as possible to the American people.