This is what real censorship looks like

Vern Verduin is a cattle farmer who lives in Gaines Township, Mich. Verduin doesn’t like the idea of socialism. He’s not too crazy about President Barack Obama’s policies, either. So Verduin decided to practice his First Amendment right to free speech in a big way: He converted two trailers into massive anti-Obama signs on his property.

One slogan reads  “Marxism/Socialism = Poverty & Hunger” (this isn’t  — or at least, it shouldn’t be — very controversial.) and the other, “Obama’s ‘mission accomplished.’ 8% unemployment. 16 trillion debt.”

Verduin quips that an Egg McMuffin is “more important than political speech??? as the township allows much larger commercial signs. Local authorities claim that the signs violate local zoning codes, because all political signs must be contained to 20 square feet.  But Van Den Heuvel, Verduin’s lawyer, explained to National Review Online that Gaines Township???s zoning enforcement is ???complaint driven,??? and it was an anonymous complaint that prompted the township to act. I look forward to seeing the ACLU help out here.

Watch the story below:

Farmer, township at odds over M-6 signs