The truth about secession

According to CBS in Denver, “There’s a growing effort to create a 51st state out of parts of northeast Colorado.”

Organizers of the secessionist effort in a dozen rural counties in what some hope will become the state of “North Colorado” say their interest in breaking away stems from the fact that their “interests are not being represented at the state Capitol.”

We’re not talking here about a classic secession from the union, the kind Texas is always rumored to be on the verge of, but of the simple formation of a new state out of an existing one. West Virginia was created this way many moons ago, as were Maine, Kentucky, and Vermont.

Three other counties in Colorado and two in Kansas have also expressed interest in joining the secessionist movement. Leaders hope to have the measure voted on as early as November. Even if most voters decide that “North Colorado” is a good idea, however, the bill will still have to gain approval from the Colorado General Assembly and the U.S. Congress.

It may just be a temporary answer to the problem, anyway. Liberals have a way of invading the loveliest places in America and making them uninhabitable: e.g. Boulder, CO, Santa Fe, NM, and everywhere in California. What’s to stop liberals from moving in and undoing all the good secession might do? New Hampshire, where “Live Free or Die” was once taken seriously, is looking more and more like Massachusetts every day. With massive immigration, even Texas is not immune from the trend. Northern Colorado is a fast-growing area with lots of oil and gas that needs to be regulated.

Anti-secessionists love smugly to call Texas secession a pipe-dream on the basis that it “isn’t legal.” If you’re seceding, though, the goal is to break from the rules imposed upon you by the institution, so why would you stop and ask for its permission first? “Is it alright, parent, if I refuse to heed the rule you told me to obey?” And why are liberals against secession in the first place? Do they enjoy tormenting conservatives so much that they’d rather live in disharmony with them than let us go our separate ways? As Pat Buchanan put it, “‘Can we all just get along?’ Well, if we can’t, we can at least dwell apart.”

Another thing. Do these North Coloradoans not consider the aesthetics of the American flag? Maybe Texas should secede for real and then we won’t have to worry about an odd number of stars.