Stocks and Real Estate Beat Bonds and Commodities as Investments

LAS VEGAS–Stock pickers still have good investment opportunities, despite uncertainty about when the Fed will follow through with its stated plan to begin tapering its easy-money policies, several investment professionals said here at FreedomFest yesterday.

Investors overreacted when they recently began to pull out of stocks and bonds in response to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke???s talk about scaling back on the central bank???s efforts to keep interest rates low, said Chris Versace, editor of the PowerTrend Profits investment newsletter.  The economic growth that needs to occur before Bernanke???s tapering begins is nowhere close to taking place, Versace said.

Versace added that he is starting his 20th year of working with stocks and he is convinced that bull markets always exist but the ???trick??? is to identify them and take action to profit.

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Paul Dykewicz is a seasoned journalist who is the editorial director of the Financial Publications Group at Eagle Publishing and the editor of the Eagle Daily Investor website. He also edits five monthly investment newsletters, Forecasts & Strategies, Successful Investing, High Monthly Income, Alpha Investor Letter and PowerTrend Profits, as well as a number of time-sensitive trading services.