The week that was

Members of Congress started a five-week summer recess this week, so stories for the rest of the month will be made-up. Fox News found that ???82 percent of voters think Congress hasn???t worked hard enough to take the month of August off,??? but what voters don???t understand is that Congress is stopping work to be in solidarity with 70 percent of Americans employed this year who are also working part-time.

Other government agencies working part-time this week were twenty U.S. diplomatic facilities which remained closed in the wake of al-Qaida threats. No attack has taken place yet, but the National Security Agency has promised to keep us safe by tracking down Edward Snowden.

Speaking of Snowden, President Obama has told Vladimir Putin never-mind about the bilateral meeting in Moscow scheduled for next month. Snowden???s seeking asylum in Russia, and the U.S. government is mad about a U.S. citizen telling other U.S. citizens about the U.S. government.

President Obama asked to be excused and is jetting out of D.C. for vacation in Martha???s Vineyard this week. The Obamas??? presence on the island, as at the White House, is an annoyance and brings along great disturbance. Residents of MV have been warned of ???detours and delays while the Obamas are in town.??? A stretch of public road is slated to be closed for more than a week in Chilmark, a first-time frustration of its kind for a presidential vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Congress has also asked to be excused—from a law of its own creation. Getting the waiver to exempt themselves from the Affordable Care Act???s decreed insurance exchanges was apparently an illegal Congressional move, but then again not obeying a law is the definition of illegality, so???.

CNN recently interviewed Ahmed Abu Khattala, who is described as the Benghazi leader of the al Qaeda-affiliated militia group responsible for the murders of four Americans in Libya last year. Eight GOP lawmakers, led by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, want to know why the liberal media is actually doing the government???s job now instead of just its bidding. founder and multi-BILLIONaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post on Monday. With print media going the way of the do-do bird, the only explanation for the purchase is that Bezos has so much money he literally didn???t know what to do with it.

Giggles the deer is dead. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources raided an animal shelter with nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, all armed, SWAT-team style. For real.  A harmless fawn was ultimately euthanized because state law prohibits people from taking animals from the wild or keeping a wild animal without a permit. Apparently they ???meant well.??? Tell that to Giggles. She thinks it’s no laughing matter.

In happy news, a miracle appears to have occurred— in Missouri, of all places. Katie Lentz, 19, was trapped in her car for nearly an hour after a horrific car crash. Her condition was failing fast, and after Lentz asked if everyone would pray out loud with her, a man in black with a white collar appeared at the scene and anointed and calmed everyone present. Lentz was at last extricated from her vehicle and air-lifted to the hospital, where she is now recovering. The emergency workers turned to thank the priest after Lentz was safely removed from the crash site, but he had disappeared, and even stranger, he does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photos of the scene of the accident. Read the whole story here and get the chills.