Michigan State professor suspended after anti-Republican meltdown in class

Professor William Penn’s brief heyday as a moonbat viral sensation appears to have gotten him suspended, at least for the remainder of 2013.  Here’s the performance he regaled his Intro to Fiction Writing class with last week:

“If you go to the Republican convention in Florida, you see all the old Republicans with dead skin cells washing off them.  They’re cheap.  They don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could…”

What kind of fiction was he supposed to be teaching his students how to write?  Scripts for The Newsroom on HBO?

Perhaps while he’s on suspension, Professor Penn could meditate on the biggest ripoff of young people to come along in decades.  It’s called “ObamaCare.”  No Republicans voted for it.

The trustees were evidently not amused by Penn’s performance, judging by a report at MLive:

[Trustee Mitch] Lyons, himself a Republican, said Penn’s remarks were upsetting, not just because of the politics but also because of the consequences for students in the class.

“That certainly doesn’t foster a sense of community in the classroom where you can share your own thoughts,” Lyons said. “He was spewing hate, really, and that’s uncalled for, regardless of party. I didn’t think that was appropriate for the classroom at all.
“It didn’t give me the impression that he was inviting different views, which is kind of the culture we’re trying to encourage.”
According to a student interviewed by MLive, this wasn’t the first time Penn had forced his politics into the classroom.  The Michigan GOP called for his resignation after the video above went viral, but for the moment it looks like they’ll have to settle for a suspension.  The university issued a statement, relayed by WLNS News:

Michigan State University is committed to creating a learning environment that is characterized by mutual respect and civility where diverse ideas can be explored.

On Sept. 3, university leaders were made aware of several statements made by Professor William Penn in a classroom. Once MSU was made aware of the situation the Office of the Provost immediately began a review.

The dean of the College of Arts and Letters and a representative from the provost’s office met with Penn, who acknowledged that some of his comments were inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive and may have negatively affected the learning environment.

Penn’s teaching duties have been reassigned to others. Students’ education will continue as scheduled with alternate instructors.

Campus Reform says the dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Karen Wurst, called Penn’s comments “inappropriate, disrespectful, and offensive.”
“I first want to personally apologize, as does Professor Penn, to any student who was offended or made to feel uncomfortable during the class,” Wurst wrote.  “At MSU and in the College of Arts and Letters, it is our commitment to create a learning environment that is characterized by mutual respect and civility where diverse ideas can be explored.”  She also said that “alternate academic arrangements” will be made for any student who wants to withdraw from the course… which would imply there are plans to bring Penn back after the semester, wouldn’t it?
Maybe Penn will end up in a rehabilitation program with IRS official Lois Lerner, who is also on administrative leave after inappropriately mixing partisan politics with her job duties.
Update: Just like Lois Lerner, the suspended professor will be receiving full pay.  The Daily Caller also relates an eyewitness report that the Penn rant included anti-Christian hate speech, and he threatened to compromise the grades of students who disagreed with him.