Obama calls for striking union workers to be fired

Hilarity ensues as a panicked Barack Obama – fresh off his defeat at the hands of elderly World War II veterans – grabs a microphone and makes a compelling case for firing every union worker who goes on strike:

The poor saps cheering him are almost as funny as Obama himself.  The only thing that would make this clip better would be a quick reaction shot of an aide facepalming himself into a coma, or maybe a union boss beginning to applaud until he realizes what the President just said, at which point he slowly stops clapping.

We were already painfully aware that this President doesn’t know much about business, but it looks as if he doesn’t understand organized labor very well, either.  Maybe he just sees little bags of campaign money when he looks at his union pals.  He hasn’t been moved by their complaints against ObamaCare, has he?

The President also fell back on the kind of rhetoric liberals used to decry as unacceptable effusions in a toxic Climate of Hate, wailing that “you don’t negotiate by putting a gun to the other person’s head, or worse, putting a gun to the American people’s head” – even though he’s the one who keeps looking for ways to make the American people suffer as much as possible during the shutdown.  He seems nervous about the possibility that a critical mass of people will notice that.