Four out of Five Investors Approve

Four out of Five Investors Approve (

Proctor & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is rolling the dental hygiene dice this month with the introduction of mint-chocolate flavored toothpaste. And if encouraging children to want to brush their teeth is still a goal of parents, then sales of this product could push Crest past rival Colgate for global toothpaste supremacy… and propel P&G to new market highs. The Cincinnati-based consumer products giant is introducing its line of “Crest Be” toothpastes in February, featuring flavors not traditionally associated with toothpaste.  Along with the aforementioned mint chocolate, new flavors include lime spearmint zeal and vanilla mint spark. Be still my son’s palette. If enough parents give chocolate or vanilla toothpaste to their children to encourage brushing, the P&G may be an investment play to make for generations.