ProShares Offers Alternative Investments

The traditional advantages of investing with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are that they provide transparency, flexibility and cost effectiveness. But an additional implicit benefit is the chance to gain exposure to investment vehicles or strategies which are out of your reach as an individual, either because you lack the required capital or because the strategy is mostly available to professionals.

ETFs offer the chance to invest in a range of alternative investments other than traditional stocks and bonds, yet with the simplicity of buying and the transparency of pricing that is available in the stock market. One ETF company which specializes in alternative ETFs is ProShares.

Founded in 2006, ProShares now offers more than 140 alternative investment ETFs, the largest alternative investment ETF lineup in the United States. ProShares is especially well known for its funds that provide magnified exposure (2x or 3x the daily earnings) to an index or inverse earnings of an index.

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