Stinkburgers and meanwiches

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the President of the United States:

Yes, that’s right, the President just called Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal a “stinkburger” and a “meanwich.”  You’ll recall this man represents the degenerate Democrat Party, which no longer prepares budget proposals at all, outside of Obama’s ridiculous fantasy wish lists… which he always submits late, in flagrant defiance of “the settled law of the land.”  There’s a bit of accidental candor in the President’s choice of idiotic baby-talk insults, since a stinkburger or meanwich would at least have some meat on it; Obama’s proposals, on the other hand, are made of a thin, sweet-smelling vapor known as “choom.”

There’s a larger point to be made in the comparison, because whatever its faults may be – it has been criticized for being both too stern with spending cuts, and not stern enough – Ryan’s proposal actually has some connection to reality.   The government can’t rack up massive debt indefinitely – it’s already hurting us, and it’ll hurt a lot more as the costs of merely servicing that debt exceed the price tag on most other government programs.  And debt creates dependency, as government spending baselines climb to the point where merely calling for a modest reduction in the growth of spending is characterized as a “savage cut,” and armies of dependents are swiftly mobilized to call for scalps.  That money also hires battalions of government employees, whose prospective termination will be greeted with anguished cries about how how budget-cutters are going to drive up unemployment.  Federal insolvency is most certainly not a process that can be stopped on a dime, the day it becomes an existential crisis that not even the most dishonest liberal can ignore; Obama’s juvenile behavior in the above video clip is ample proof of that.

Another difference between Obama’s irresponsibility, and the sincere budgeting efforts he so loosely criticizes, is that Obama’s approach lets him promise the moon and stars to every preferred constituency, without ever having to take lollipops away from those he’s already bought off.  The “stinkburger” approach he criticizes represents a massive constriction of government power, because the super-State is obliged to operate more realistically within the financial boundaries the American people have set for it.  We allocate so many dollars through the tax rates our representatives have set, and the government spends what we have given it.  This reduction of government power enhances individual freedom, because the State no longer has limitless resources to push us around, or bribe us into following political agendas.  The people are supreme under such an arrangement.  No wonder King Barack I hates it with such sputtering intensity.

It’s not as if Obama is calling Ryan’s budget a “meanwich” because it has different priorities than his responsible, balanced, growth-oriented plan.  Obama’s foot is still firmly fixed to the gas pedal as he drives the American bus off a cliff, into an existential financial crisis that he’ll watch from his fabulous retirement estate in Hawaii.  The meanwich-eaters are the people pointing at the rapidly approaching cliff and telling him to hit the brakes.  They’re the people who think Americans should have the dignity to make their own informed decisions, rather than living as a parasitic bureaucracy directs.

Is it meanwichy to call them “parasitic?”  Well, I’m just playing by Obama’s rules of engagement.  Watch the full clip above, and savor the part when he says Republicans probably don’t propose spending cuts because they’re heartless evil monsters who enjoy watching people starve; it’s mostly because they’re unwitting dupes of greedy rich people who don’t earn their riches the patriotic American way, by giving fat donations to Obama’s party and earning gigantic taxpayer-financed payoffs as a reward.  Stop asking why Obama has given so much of your money to so many well-connected billionaires, and get angry at those sinister bastards who think people should be allowed to keep more of what they earn!

I can remember a time when the media had conniption fits over anything a Republican President did that was supposedly… what’s the term?  For some reason, you never hear it any more… ah, yes: divisive.

Never mind the field day they would have had, mocking someone like George Bush for regressing to third-grade insults; they’d have blown their stacks if he used sophisticated insults.  Obama’s not engaging with the ideas of his opponents – he no more understands those ideas than a small child understands how an internal combustion engine works.  He doesn’t want you to understand them, either.  You’re supposed to obey him, and the decaying, insolvent, lollipops-for-everyone system he represents, without question… until the day it all comes crashing down, violence spills into the streets, and you look around to find no trace of Barack Obama or his pals.  All you need to know, the President is saying, is that he weally weally wuvs you, but those mean old Wepubwicans with their cruel spreadsheets want you to suffer.  They’re not making proposals in good faith, based on what they believe is best for America; only Barack Obama does that.  They say dignity requires freedom, and freedom demands responsibility, but that’s all just a ruse to keep you from the free money you deserve, so they can have a good laugh while they watch you starve.

But the media’s not going to say anything about how divisive Obama is being here, or how divisive he was when he said on Tuesday that the only reason for opposing ObamaCare is a heartless desire to take away peoples’ health insurance.  Instead, media Praetorian Guards closed ranks around Obama, demanding that everyone instantly forget his childish outburst… except, of course, for those lapdogs seeking extra credit by trying to help him spread his “stinkburgers and meanwiches” slander.

The bottom line is that Obama must be given a free hand to say whatever vile thing he needs, to get his audience worked up, without any fallout or hit to his credibility whatsoever.  The same people who order you to forget about his stinkburgers today will gladly write editorials next Tuesday praising him for his bipartisan outreach, and wondering why crabby old obstructionist Republicans refuse to work with the man who keeps describing them as inhuman monsters.  Meanwhile, any Republican who voices the slightest suspicion about whatever dark motivations might lurk in Obama’s heart – let alone openly insulting him as a callous, greedy political opportunist who cares more about accumulating power than doing what’s right for the country – will be instantly denounced as a wild-eyed extremist.  Nice rules of engagement, if you happen to be on the right side of them.