British Army musicians flash mob playing 'Colonel Bogey's March'

The flash mob video is one of the coolest thing on the Internet.

Here is a video posted October 2013 by the British Army showing British Army musicians entertaining unsuspecting shoppers in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, with a flashmob performance of the “Colonel Bogey March.”

Fifty professional bandsmen from The Band of The Prince of Wales’s Division (regular soldiers) and The Band of The Royal Welsh (reservists) performed the famous march, by Kenneth Alford, in the sunshine before dispersing.

“Bogey” was the common name for any otherwise unnamed enemy in military war games. The term is alive today as the name for opposing fighter pilots and fighter planes in dogfights. Alford said he wrote the song based on whistles he heard exchanged by golfers on the golf course.

More information is available but the British Army’s Corps of Army Music, the largest employer of professional musicians in the UK: