Reasons Hillary won't run

She won???t run because she will be elected.

That statistical certainty, plus the stark reality of a 24/7 ???real job??? that she can???t get away from should scare her to death. In short, she knows it???s a job that – by its very nature ??? is out of control by the person serving in it.

She is a smart person and ??? because of it – will make the very rational decision not to run. She will decide, simply ???who needs it???? and we can almost hear her saying those words.

The reasons behind the decision:

  • There is nothing more she needs to fulfill her political career life plan – especially anything that???s worth taking a 24/7 killer job like being president. It???s one of those jobs that accelerates the aging process because of the extreme stresses associated with the office ??? and we???ve seen it happen to all of them.
  • To Hillary, the job of president represents a continuous replay of how she reacted to the Benghazi attack: Recall that she essentially disappeared, had a bump on the head from a fall at home, and it took weeks before she was ready to deal with it. She will not be able to hide as President, and she knows it.
  • The stress from Benghazi must have been incredible for her and unlike any she had ever before experienced: Either as First Lady with a habitually adulterous husband ??? and certainly nothing like being a Senator, where there were many fewer pressures.
  • At nearly age 70 when she begins, she will likely want no part of being a 24/7 president, knowing full-well that she will be dragged down by the office pressures, subject to constant criticism, and, most importantly: Have no way to escape from it as she did after the Benghazi terrorist attack.
  • We could, however, expect her to run for the senate again ??? that???s a very manageable political job that will give her a comfortable, very controlled platform to be ???concerned??? about the political issues she chooses without any real responsibility to accomplish anything – the dream of any politician.

What do we know about her that would likely control her decision to ??? not – run for president?

She???s a lawyer, thinks and talks like a lawyer – and has clearly always been the ???brains of the outfit??? in her marriage to Bill and the driving force behind Bill???s career. However, she also never had a ???real job??? ??? one of those 24/7 jobs that exist in certain high-level government national security positions ??? until she was appointed to be Secretary of State.

And, even that job is the ???softest??? of the ones in that category, especially if we list the others: National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense and/orĀ  (maybe) the Director of the CIA or even the ???new??? Director of National Intelligence.

Lawyers are generally not known for being good managers or effective leaders, nor are they typically comfortable being responsible for the outcome of a dynamic enterprise. In short, they are trained to be professional critics: Witness Barrack Obama, another lawyer/???activist??? who never had a ???real job??? before becoming president – and it shows most every day.

Being president is definitely not in the category of other elected jobs where the person in office can merely be ???concerned??? about something ??? as Hillary learned the hard way as Secretary of State during the Benghazi tragedy, especially when she said ???what difference does it make???? As she learned, these key executive department jobs are the ones where one is actually responsible for what happens on one???s watch.

Finally, while her husband has always benefited from a great deal of luck in his political career, she has not, and the Benghazi terrorist attack is something that is simply not going to go away anytime soon. What difference did it make? For Hillary, Benghazi was the portent of things to come and represents the basic lack of control characteristic in the job of president. In essence, Benghazi was the ???mini 9/11??? that she was responsible for, and she knew it – right away – and she disappeared.

Well, if she???s not going to run, why is she so busy simulating that she???s in the process of deciding whether to run in 2016? That???s an easy one: It???s a huge money-maker for her and Bill, as they sell books, appearances, speeches, and themselves to those who assume their money may buy them future access and influence. This will be the final ???gotcha??? that the Clintons will be able to pull off as they ride into the sunset.

However, it is the wisdom of a Democrat President past, Harry S. Truman, that will probably keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House: Recall that it was Truman who said ??? even had a sign on his desk ??? that said ???the buck stops here.” Hillary knows this well and wants absolutely no part of it ??? at her stage in life, she may want to be ???concerned??? about something, but certainly not responsible for it.

Whatever happens, her decision to run ??? or not to run – will be the result of an intense internal struggle between her ambition, her good political sense, and the stress-related realities of her nearly 70-year-old body ??? 74 at the end of her first term, 78 at the end of the second.

Who needs it?