More on the Unaccompanied Alien Child health crisis

This isn’t just a border crisis any more, because part of the Cloward-Piven strategy for assaulting American systems with this tidal wave of illegal aliens involves dispersing them across the United States as quickly as possible. They’re everywhere, and they’re bringing some significant health issues with them.

On Wednesday, ABC News in San Diego interviewed Border Patrol union representative Ron Zermeno, who said he and the agents he represents “have compassion” for the “undocumented immigrants” (ABC News’ term), but warned they are “threatening the health of agents as well as national security.”

Zermeno told 10News Wednesday morning that 99 migrants were transported to various San Diego Sector Border Patrol stations for processing. According to Zermeno, 40 had been taken to Brown Field Station in Otay Mesa. Forty-two were taken to the Imperial Beach Station, and 17 to the Boulevard Station in southeast San Diego County.

Zermeno said Border Patrol agents were being pulled off the line to help with processing the immigrants. Zermeno told 10News this could pose a safety issue due to less agents on the street.

Meanwhile, 40 were being quarantined at the Border Patrol Chula Vista Station with active scabies and head lice. The facility will provide them with showers, laundry service and bedding. Another 10 people, mostly children, were taken to local hospitals with unknown illnesses.

“That’s my biggest fear: their health and also safety in the field,” said Zermeno.

Zermeno told 10News pulling agents could put national security on the line, adding, “The morale is the lowest I’ve ever seen it.”

Zermeno said he just wants to protect his agents and the border, as well as expose the truth because exposure seems to be a growing concern.

“I think the public needs to be aware. The average citizens [are not] aware because they could be exposed tomorrow.”

Fox News in El Paso reports on waves of these “Unaccompanied Alien Children” turning up at hospitals, with federal taxpayers on the hook for the cost of their treatment:

El Paso Children’s Hospital spokeswoman Susie Byrd told KFOX14 the hospital saw between 50-60 immigrant children for different medical issues at an estimated price tag of $60,000.

“They all came in through the emergency room, and were later released back to CBP,” she said. “We will be billing CBP for those services.”

A spokesperson with Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare told KFOX14 that as of Monday, Del Sol Medical Center treated 24 women and children immigrant patients since last week, and officials confirmed cases of scabies and lice. There have been no admissions to the hospital.

The spokesperson also told KFOX14 that Las Palmas Medical Center has seen 5-10 patients per day since last week, women and children only, and confirmed cases of scabies and lice as well. There have been no admissions to the hospital.

University Medical Center saw 11 patients on Sunday for various minor diseases, hospital spokeswoman Margaret Althoff-Olivas told KFOX14.

“UMC will be billing the Border Patrol for services provided,” she said. “A medical screening entails taking a patient’s vital signs and doing a general assessment of their overall condition. Due to patient privacy laws, I am unable to discuss the care that was provided to the immigrants yesterday.”

UMC told KFOX14 one busload of immigrants will be transported to El Paso from the south Texas border every day for the next three weeks, and that the local hospitals will be switching off day to day on who provides medical screenings for them.

The article goes on to explain at length how the Border Patrol is billed for these services, which involves creating a computerized request form “containing biographic information about the detainee, information about the medical condition being treated, and information about the referring provider and outside provider who is treating the detainee.” But presumably all that stuff vanishes when the illegal alien begins his life in the “shadows,” where he can never be found by the authorities or deported.

El Paso Sector Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero describes conditions in his area of responsibility:

“Most of the migrants are coming in from south Texas, when they get here by plane or by bus, they are immediately given a medical screening by Customs and Border Protection agents,” he said. “If there is an issue, they are taken to the hospitals, if not, they are turned over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. They have to be medically cleared before they are turned over.”

Cordero told KFOX14 many of the immigrants are simply walking up to border agents and turning themselves in rather than trying to jump or get around a border fence.

Along with scabies and lice, he said agents are seeing immigrants with fevers and diarrhea.

Smuggling gangs apparently don’t want to get quite that cozy with the Border Patrol concierges of Hotel America, because they’ve been alternately bribing and threatening ranchers who live on the Rio Grande with violence unless they look the other way while shipments of illegal aliens pass through their property.

Many of these media reports do the Obama Administration a solid by perpetuating the myth that all of this is happening solely because of “rampant crime” in Central America, without mentioning the role Obama’s executive orders have played by gutting immigration law and giving people the entirely accurate impression that they will be able to stay in the United States indefinitely, provided they can make it across the border with a child.

The massive pretense of the Administration “warning” these folks to stay away continues, as if they can somehow stem the tide by dispelling “misinformation” spread by Central American media and smuggling rings. Sometimes you’ll see Obama or his officials putting on this silly Border Security Theater in news reports that go on to explain that yes, back here in the real world, if you’re a minor or in the company of one when you get onto American soil, you’ll be transported to an American city, not back to Guatelmala or Honduras.

For example, the L.A. Times has Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson talking tough after a tour of “a souther Arizona detention facility housing about 900 migrant children in makeshift cages,” and sending a “message” to parents who want to take a shot at punting their own kids across the border:

“This journey is a dangerous one, and at the end of it there is no free pass,” he said. “There are no permisosfor children, for your children, who come to the United States. The journey from Central America into south Texas is over a thousand miles long. It is hot. It is treacherous and you are placing your child in the hands of a criminal smuggling organization. It is not safe.”

After walking through the facility with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Johnson reiterated the warning in an attempt to dispel rumors that are contributing to the unprecedented wave of unaccompanied children who are illegally entering the U.S. through the Rio Grande Valley.

The Washington Times reports on a splashy new Administration media campaign to “try to urge Central Americans not to send their children to the U.S. as illegal immigrants,” including messages splashed on billboards in their countries of origin:

The billboards tell parents it’s not true that their children can get papers signifying legal status in the U.S. – an attempt to push back against the prevailing belief among some in Central America that if they can cross the U.S. border, they can stay.

“I thought it would be easy for my son to get his papers in the USA. That wasn’t true,” one of the new posters says. “Our children are the future. Protect them.”

The public relations campaign marks an admission by the Obama administration that the surge of children crossing the border is caused, at least in part, by U.S. immigration policy. Top officials initially argued that the problem was a spike in violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and that U.S. policy had little to do with the surge.

Radio and television public service announcements will run about 6,500 times over the next two months in the three Central American countries and Mexico. The Administration has also printed 273 posters to use in bus shelters and on billboards and road signs across the region.

I would quibble with the Washington Times’ characterization of this ad campaign as a tacit admission that Obama’s immigration policies are a big part of the reason this tidal wave is rolling across the border. Obama and his defenders will instead portray this as reinforcement for their talking point that the immigrants are confused and misinformed, but good old Uncle Sam will spend a few million bucks on advertising to set them straight. In fact, they’ll soon begin citing this ad campaign as evidence that it can’t be Obama’s actions, or the amnesty push in Congress, that’s luring all those children here, because hey, we put up billboards saying that it’s not easy to get papers in the USA.

The Times goes on to note the inconvenient detail left out of so many Administration-friendly media reports: when these illegal immigrants talk about a permission slip or “permiso,” they’re specifically referring to the “deportation” notices they receive. In other words, the thing they refer to as a permission slip is the Notice to Appear before U.S. Immigration courts for the deportation procedure that never actually happens.

The new White House talking point about these people is to portray them as misguided fools, but that’s both insulting and inaccurate. They’re very sharp, and they have an excellent grasp on the realities of the immigration crisis in the United States. Numerous interviews with the new arrivals make it clear they get a great deal of their information about the situation in the U.S. from friends and relatives who already live here. They’re not going to shut down those back channels of straight talk because they see a billboard telling them to stay put.

Here’s the reality those Central American families are correctly perceiving, courtesy of The Hill:

A group of House Democrats has introduced legislation that would provide lawyers for unaccompanied minors who cross the United States border.

The Vulnerable Immigrant Voice Act of 2014, H.R. 4936, would provide legal representation during immigration proceedings to minors who come to the U.S. alone and to mentally disabled people.

???Some of the children who have come to this country may not have a valid legal basis to remain, but some will. Yet, it is virtually impossible for a child to assert a valid claim under immigration law in the absence of legal representation,??? said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), a co-sponsor, at the bill???s unveiling on Monday.

Child immigrants can either claim asylum; claim a special status if they’re under 21 and have been abused, neglected or abandoned by one or both parents; or seek a visa if they are victims of serious crimes.

???Most undocumented children are not aware of the claims they can make in immigration court,??? a release from Jeffries???s office said. ???The claims are technically available without counsel, but it is highly unlikely these children can vindicate their rights absent legal representation.???

I hope that all gets put on the Central American billboards, in the interests of full disclosure.  “Don’t even think about sending your child to America!  But if you do, the Democrat Party will force American taxpayers to provide him with a lawyer.”

It’s not just Democrats sending the message illegal immigrants are hearing loud and clear.  Another piece at The Hill checks in with the other side of the aisle:

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) said Wednesday there would be ???no problem??? in getting the House to pass legislation that would provide a pathway to legal status for immigrants in the U.S. illegally, adding that a pathway to citizenship is “potentially doable.”

???I think there’s no problem getting through the House a pathway to legal status. A pathway to citizenship is going to be tougher, but I think it is potentially doable, if we can show the American people that the border is secure,??? Farenthold said on MSNBC???s ???The Daily Rundown.??? ???My constituents feel betrayed by the promise that Reagan made, that if we grant amnesty, we’ll then secure the border. We obviously didn’t do that.???

Parents who brought their children to the United States illegally are a ???very sympathetic problem??? Farenthold added. ???We’ve educated them in our schools, and they become a burden on society if they can’t get a job.???

The Republican said the border is ???relatively secure??? but ???not secure enough,??? given the roughly 52,000 unaccompanied children from Central America who have crossed into the U.S. since October.

But forget about all that, and listen to this Spanish-language radio ad from the U.S. government, telling you that it’s futile to take a chance on escaping from the misgoverned dead-end country you’re currently living in and resettling to the United States.

Rep. Farenthold went on to dampen his enthusiasm for “comprehensive immigration reform” a bit, conceding that the current crisis make make this crown jewel of the Ruling Class agenda (considered important by about 4 percent of Americans, according to recent polls) a bit harder to implement.

Asked if the current crisis hurts immigration reform prospects, Farenthold said, ???I think, politically, it may,??? but he stressed it could be addressed without a comprehensive bill.

???I don’t think you’d have any problem getting legislation through the House to have expedited deportation procedures, getting more judges down to prosecute or hear these cases,??? said Farenthold, who said it could take years before the children get a hearing otherwise.

Good luck with that, sir.  You’ll never get President Obama to implement any mass expedited deportations, and you’ll never get Senate Democrats to agree to any such “security and deportations first” measure without including the rest of their immigration agenda.  It will indeed take years for any of the new arrivals to get hearings, and the odds of them remaining in the U.S. indefinitely are vastly higher than the odds they’ll be sent home.  Their numbers will, instead, be used as political leverage to loosen immigration laws further – if you think last year’s “comprehensive immigration reform is inevitable” juggernaut was fun, wait until you see it return with several million more livelihoods on the line, many of them children.

And wait until you see how greased the wheels become after angry reactions from citizens, like this week’s protest in Murrieta, California, have been turned into clubs for beating dissenters into submission by smearing them as heartless racists.  That’s a big part of how the Cloward-Piven strategy works – it overwhelms every system in the targeted polity, including the informal networks of dissent.  The manufactured crisis is so huge that no one is able to protest huge measures imposed at their expense to deal with it.  Representatives in our central government who try to provide statesmanlike resistance to the re-definition of citizenship will be told they’re no different than angry guys blocking Border Patrol buses with signs that say “We don’t want you here, go home!”

I keep coming back to this unfolding crisis because its full dimensions are clearly being kept from the American people until some tipping points have been reached; because we’re coming up on an election where the legal citizens of the nation have a chance to express their will by electing representatives who agree with their position; because the danger and deprivation suffered by the kids making this thousand-mile journey into a refugee camp must be laid at the feet of the people who invited them to try it; because the American people still have both a legal and moral right to control the borders of their nation and set the requirements of citizenship; and because critics of what President Obama did to our immigration laws warned this would happen.  They were right, and they’re right about what will happen if an amnesty deal gets through Congress.  It’s long past time for the American people to stop listening to the folks who claim to be stunned by the consequences of their actions.