Gov. Pence urges Congress to block EPA regs

State House, Second Floor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
July 9, 2014

Dear Members of the Indiana Congressional Delegation,

As Congress begins to consider the fiscal year 2015 appropriations bills that provide funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (???EPA???) and federal energy programs, I write to urge your support for legislative efforts underway that would block or prevent implementation of the EPA???s proposed regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from existing and new power plants.
In Indiana, we recognize that we need all forms of energy to power our economy, and, at the same time, we know that coal is a crucial Hoosier energy resource that should continue to be promoted. Our state has a 300 year supply of coal, and coal has historically provided Hoosiers with reliable, affordable electricity. More than 80 percent of our electricity comes from coal, and the coal industry employs 28,000 Hoosiers. Hoosiers know that coal means jobs and coal means low-cost energy.

I recently met with coal miners in southern Indiana. In that meeting I committed that Indiana would stand with them against existing and proposed EPA regulations that would harm their industry and threaten their jobs. And I am committed to stand with millions of other Hoosier workers and families who will feel the impact in markedly higher electricity rates, lost jobs, and lost business growth.

The Obama Administration has already put in place regulations on power plants that will increase the cost of electricity in Indiana by 30 percent over the next seven years, according to the State Utility Forecasting Group. The newly proposed EPA rules for carbon dioxide emissions from existing and new power plants will only cause electricity rates to rise further while at the same time threatening the reliability of our electricity supply. At a time when we are all focused on creating jobs and economic opportunity for Hoosiers, these EPA regulations threaten to reverse our progress.

Using the power of the purse, Congress has the ability to block or prevent implementation of the EPA???s proposed regulations on new and existing power plants. I respectfully urge you to support legislative efforts to do so. Thank you for your consideration and your service to our state and nation.


Michael R. Pence
Governor of Indiana