Indiana’s illegal alien surprise

Barack Obama’s manufactured border crisis is one of the clearest expressions of contempt for the will of the people by an American ruler since the days when we promised ourselves we’d never have rulers.  The whole immigration “debate” has always been conducted in such an air of contempt.  It’s hard to find anyone on the amnesty side who is willing to speak honestly to the American people.  They lie to us and patronize us by reflex.  Even conservative pundits have been known to misrepresent the proportion of teddy-bear-clutching eight-year olds in the current migratory wave.  And this isn’t new, because today’s amnesty push follows waves of illegal immigration that rolled in over the years since the last amnesty deal… which was supposed to be the last time such a measure would ever be necessary, because it included strong border security commitments.  The Ruling Class handles immigration policy like a carnival barker convincing a mark to spend his last five bucks on one last chance to topple those milk bottles and win a big prize.

But this business of drawing tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (plus an at least equal number of adults, not to mention the “children” who are actually in their late teens) across the border and secretly farm them out to cities across America really takes the cake.  It’s a strategy to cut the American voter completely out of the equation.  We’re already hearing talk about what we “must” do, and “must” pay for.  We’re being saddled with a carefully engineered crisis that will become, like so much of “progressive” ideology, a cast-iron commitment we can never escape from.  The people behind this are hoping that by the time Americans woke up and started complaining about what was going on, it would be too late to do anything about it.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is but the latest state official to discover that the federal government has been delivering illegal alien shipments to his area without notifying him.  Pence learned about the arrival of two hundred Unaccompanied Alien Children by watching the news.  Considering how frequently President Obama claims he learns about everything by watching the news, there’s a touch of irony there.

Pence wrote a letter of complaint to the President, charging that “the federal government has not dealt with this crisis in an effective or transparent manner with regard to the states.”

In Indiana last week, we learned from media reports that more than two hundred unaccompanied children had been placed by the federal government with sponsors in our state. Only after these media reports were published did the state receive notice from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that in fact 245 unaccompanied children had been placed in Indiana during the period from January 1, 2014 through July 7, 2014. I have been informed that HHS will only provide monthly updated numbers of unaccompanied children placed in states during the first week of each month. This is unacceptable.

While we feel deep compassion for these children, our country must secure its borders and provide for a legal and orderly immigration process. Those who have crossed our border illegally should be treated humanely and with decency and respect, but they should be returned expeditiously to their home countries to be reunited with their families rather than being dispersed around the United States in sponsored placement or long-term detention facilities. Failure to expedite the return of unaccompanied children thwarts the rule of law and will only continue to send a distorted message that illegally crossing into America is without consequence.

Pence goes on to explain that his state “will be responsible for the costs of education for these unaccompanied children and perhaps other costs related to their health and welfare,” and therefore requires real-time information about the alien children being relocated to Indiana, especially given that the new school year begins in just a few days.  The idea that the colossal super-government in Washington can’t provide such real-time updates to state governments is utterly ridiculous.  They haven’t been providing that information because they don’t want to.

Pence concludes with the obligatory “I am not a heartless monster” disclaimer, which is necessary because those who take citizenship and border security seriously have been placed permanently on the defensive:

Indiana has welcomed immigrants throughout its history and will continue to open its communities to those who legally come to America and choose to make their home in the Hoosier state. And as you may know, I have long sought to be a constructive voice on the issue of border security and immigration reform. During my service in Congress I proposed sensible immigration reform measures to strengthen our borders and provide new and improved ways for immigrants to legally come into our country. What we are currently experiencing in Indiana and states across the nation as this crisis deepens, however, is neither sensible nor humane. States should not be asked by the federal government to deal with the consequences of a failed national immigration policy.

It’s not much of an “immigration policy” when a state governor has to re-establish his humanitarian credentials after asking to merely be kept in the loop about how many alien children the federal government plans to resettle in his communities.

National Review adds a little context about what’s going on in Indiana.  It’s about more than just a few hundred recent arrivals:

Meanwhile, as of March 2014, nearly 8,000 illegal immigrants in Indiana have had their requests for temporary effectively legal status accepted via President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created in 2012. Nearly 2,800 more people had their requests for DACA protection accepted in Indiana than did in New Mexico during the same time frame. That may provide insight about how Obama’s possible plans to unilaterally legalize five million illegal immigrants later this summer would impact Indiana, a concern that’s surely on Pence’s mind.

There’s another bit of “immigration policy” American voters won’t be given any say in.  I keep wondering how the current crisis would have played out in a republic where our President was a humble public servant who felt honor-bound to inform his citizens about the deteriorating situation in Central America a few years ago – it’s supposedly the equivalent of a war, producing tidal waves of “refugees,” and it didn’t spin up overnight – and ask us what should be done about the inbound migratory wave.  Then our representatives in Congress could have debated the matter and drafted legislation in accordance with our wishes, with full respect for the territorial integrity of the United States, acknowledging how the needs of current citizens trump the demands from any group of foreign nationals.

Nice dream, huh?  Back here in the rotted remains of our constitutional republic, immigration policy is whatever suits Barack Obama’s political needs.  There’s growing chatter about the sweeping amnesty executive order mentioned by National Review, an abuse of power beyond anything previously contemplated by an American president.  It has even been suggested – most prominently by Newt Gingrich – that one reason Obama will push ahead with his imperial citizenship giveaway is because he hopes it will prompt talk of his impeachment, since fearmongering over a currently phantasmal impeachment threat has helped Democrats fleece their gullible supporters for millions.  What a perverse inversion of the Constitutional order: impeachment as a rhetorical tool for increasing the power and wealth of a lawless executive!  As I said, never has the contempt of our Ruling Class for their tax serfs been so palpable.