Bruce Lee vs. Ayn Rand Philosophy: Which is Better for Investors?

“Don’t feel, think!” — Ayn Rand

“Don’t think, feel!” — Bruce Lee

I spent the last week in Hong Kong at the Mont Pelerin Society meetings. While there, I visited the Bruce Lee exhibit that was held at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. I took the metro, which is clean and top quality (our New York subways are Third World compared to Hong Kong???s metro). The ride I took in Hong Kong was just half an hour and I had fun checking out the city.

Lee’s statue is one of only two along the Avenue of the Stars next to the Kowloon side of Hong Kong???s Victoria Harbour waterfront. Bruce Lee is by far one of the most famous Asian-Americans. He is a remarkable success story, even though he died young at the age of 34. He was born in San Francisco of Chinese parents, spending time in both the East and West. He was happily married to an American and had two children. He founded a new martial art system, Jeet Kun Do, and became an extremely popular Asian actor, despite numerous setbacks.

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