The hard-up battle

I have recently written an extensive report about the United States’ Homeland Security and the budgets being allocated to the subject – and even more so, about what the budget allocations indicate. In the course of researching this report, I read nearly two thousand pages of materials, which included several years-worth of US Federal Department of Homeland Security reports, as well as the DHS web site.

The Federal allocations for this critical area are immense – some sixty billions of dollars per year. Yet withal, the successes in this area are scary:

*Unprecedented penetration by both Shia Hezbollah and Sunni Islamic State via the porous southern United States border;

*Unprecedented levels of US infrastructure vulnerability to attacks by rogue and pre-planned entities;

*Unprecedented levels of drug cartel penetration within the United States, at all venues and at all levels;

And the list of “unprecedented’ items can go on for a long, LONG time.

In these times, Homeland Security issues are harder than ever. Yet, with all the difficulty in managing homeland security, the biggest problem in the world, is still the world’s oldest problem – how to act like a mature, cultured, and reasonable human being.

As most people know, one thing about Jews is that we don’t forget. We have not forgotten Haman from the Book of Ester, even though some two and a half millennia have pasted. We will not forget Nazi Germany.

We have not forgotten that while the British Government watched six million of our brother and sisters, sons and daughters, being slaughtered by Nazi Germany, they stood by and kept the portals closed to our one refuge, in our homeland, even though they had contracted to allow Jews in for “close Jewish Settlement” throughout our entire homeland. We have not forgotten that the British Navy continued to sink Jewish refugee ships and kill Jews even in 1951 – three years after our State was legally recognised, even by Perfidious Britain and eight years after the so-called end of the Holocaust.

We have not forgotten that the Italian Government sent airplanes to bomb Tel Aviv during our War of Independence.

We have not forgotten that Mr. Clinton went to Gaza to watch while the Palestinian “Parliament” changed their formative documents to remove the reference to slaughtering all Jews – but Clinton was too stupid and too arrogant to even have a translator, and so all they did was vote that he is a clown.

We have not forgotten that Mr. Obama came to Jerusalem recently and conducted a show where his personal SS (Secret Service) performed a ‘selection’ of who could come in and watch his performance – we Jews are well acquainted with SS Selections. Mr Obama said there that he “has our back”.  There was no one in that hall or outside it that did not understand immediately that what he meant was that he has a knife at our back, as he has proven so continuously.

Mr Netanyahu has been elected as our Prime Minister. He is a superb leader of the country; even people who dislike him personally admit that it is highly unlikely that there could be anyone better.

We do not forget that Mr. Obama has continuously insulted Mr Netanyahu (remember the abominable picture of his feet on the table). Every time Obambi acts like an immature fool, we remember that.

I trust that Mr. Kerry really does believe – at least in ‘something’. I just am not quite sure he knows what that is – the poor man seems to be ‘challenged’ when it comes to ‘knowing’ things. He did not say that Jews are responsible for Islamic State recruiting; he just said that Jews are responsible for Islamic State recruiting and if we think that statement is unfair, then obviously we Jews did not read what he said.

Interestingly, the word “chickenss**t” cannot be translated into Hebrew.  It also cannot be translated into the language of mature, cultured and reasonable human beings.  It certainly cannot be translated into any language used by ‘people’ – perhaps by barbarians – perhaps by varsity.

Jews don’t forget.  Obama has lied to us, betrayed us and insulted us at every step.  And really, Jews don’t forget – ever.