Nutmeg State SWAT storms gun owner's home, seizes firearms

Connecticut gun owner told Guns and Patriots that his civil rights were stripped from him by an anti-gun judicial branch and a soon-to-be ex-wife who is uncomfortable with him owning guns.

???High risk SWAT team rolls in and takes all my guns,??? said Edward F. Taupier the respondent in a two-year divorce action that has escalated to an all-out war. ???It took two armadillo armored vehicles, 75 officers with weapons drawn, and 45 minutes to raid my house.???

Although he said he posed no risk to the officers, Taupier was thrown to the ground and arrested.

Taupier, who is a former Wall Street chief officer at Citibank, said he has no prior record of arrests or charges ??? not even a speeding ticket ??? yet his home was invaded and his guns stolen based on a false allegation made by a person he does not even know, he said.

Linda J. Allard, a West Hartford family law attorney, contacted Superior Court Judge Elizabeth L. Bozzuto, the judge assigned in his divorce proceeding, to discuss a private email she never received directly, he said. ???I have never met Linda Allard. I didn???t do anything wrong. I sent an email to seven people that did not include Allard.???

That did not stop the Cromwell police and the judicial marshal, acting outside of a criminal jurisdiction, from having him violently arrested, he said. Allard???s statement to the police, which is missing from evidence, falsely accuses Taupier of threatening Bozzuto in that email, he said. ???I never sent any threat to her or anyone.???

After being bailed out of jail, costing his family a total of three-quarters of a million dollars in bond, Taupier said he is assigned to 27 new bail and bond conditions, wears two ankle bracelets, which includes a GPS tracker, and is not permitted to leave the house except for court appearances. This is all despite the fact that the initial risk warrant was determined to be invalid in criminal court, he said.

???I am on 24-7 lockdown. All my freedoms have been denied,??? he said. ???This happens to people in North Korea or in the Russian Gulag.???

One day after the arrest, his contract with Citigroup as a financial officer was terminated. The job that gave him the opportunity to be at home with his children after school, instead of warehoused in day care, was taken away from him too, he said.

Taupier???s arrest happened just two days after Tanya A. Taupier initiated an ex parte emergency hearing on Aug. 29 in which Bozzuto ordered their two children, aged 9 and 10, be extracted from one elementary school to another elementary school of Mrs. Taupier???s choice, said Taupier.

???I have had 50-50 percent custody of my children for the past nine years,??? he said. ???I am an active and engaged parent ??? I love my kids.??? Her extreme action is a result of a disagreement concerning the best schooling and after-school environment for their children, he said. ???That???s what led to the false arrest.???

In court Taupier’s ex-wife  said she wanted the school transfer to be as unobtrusive to the children as possible, but at the same time she requested a police escort, to extract two children in the middle of a school day, he said. ???It not only violated the children???s rights, it terrorized them.???

Mrs. Taupier then filed a full protective order against him, even though there was no family threat, he said. In court, Mrs. Taupier said Taupier???s possession of guns exposes the children to potential, deadly thugs that can hurt them. She makes this claim without any evidence, said Taupier. ???In all the 12 years we have lived together there has never been a domestic violence incident.???

Nonetheless, he said his 50-50 percent custody of the children was unilaterally dissolved by Bozzuto. The new judge assigned, because of the long length of this case, Judge Jorge A. Simon, accepted the ex-wife’s demand to cease weekend visitation and limit any visitation to supervised at a court approved location. ???My time with my children now consists of two six-minute phone conversations per week.???

All this time, the ex-wife failed to tell the court that out of the 13 guns that were in her possession, eight of them were given to him by her deceased father, he said. ???Guns are a hobby for me. I purchase and collect guns to upgrade them,??? said Taupier. ???I???m an electrical engineer ??? I have mechanical skills.???

It was the court appointed guardian ad litem, who initiated the gun ban against him without any evidence his hobby was a threat, he said. At the advice of then-counsel, Taupier agreed to temporarily remove the firearms from the home in exchange for time with his children. Time with his children would not be what the GAL proposed and Taupier later retrieved the firearms with the intention of selling his collection to offset legal costs, he said. ???I have $50,000 custom made gun work, with enhanced triggers on my own guns.???

Attorneys??? fees, mediation costs and GAL services that are dragging out the divorce, racked up fees in excess of $30,000, he said. ???I have no money, no job, and I???m still not divorced.???

The Connecticut Bar Association dismissed a grievance complaint filed by Taupier against the GAL, Margaret Bozek, because he said her actions did not seek the best interest of the children. ???The GAL was not doing her job,??? he said. Bozek recommended a full summer of revoked parental rights for Taupier. ???My children want to see me. I want to see my children. How is separating us in their best interest????

Family court, a court of equity, is using the children to punish Taupier for his political activism against GAL services, said Taupier. In a criminal jurisdiction Taupier is entitled to a Fernando hearing which would give him the right to be presented with his accuser. Family court circumvented criminal law by issuing a criminal order in a civil court arena, he said. ???The risk warrant allowed officials to take custody and employ the SWAT teams.??? In the criminal court, the risk warrant was deemed invalid, he said.

For a state known as the ???Constitution State??? it does not follow the Constitution very well, he said. ???There are First, Second, and Fourth Amendment violations ??? even my right to vote has been taken away.???

Taupier believes his case is not an isolated one, he said.

The entire family court system is embedded with players in a scam designed to soak money from good parents in order to fund a system that is completely broken. ???I come from a big Irish, Catholic family. Family is everything to us,??? said Taupier. ???My family has been destroyed by family court.???