What happened on the Syrian Golan?

On Sunday, January 18, a convoy of Hezbollah vehicles was moving along the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. These people and their vehicles were not out for a pleasure ride. What was going on there? This convoy was struck and destroyed. Apparently, by an Israeli Air Force helicopter (Reuters). Assuming it was indeed Israel, why did Israel attack this convoy ??? this ???particular??? convoy? And why now?

Some reports claim that six senior Hezbollah commanders and about the same number of Iran???s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were killed in the strike.

One of them, Iranian General Mohammad Ali Allahdad, was the IRGC leading missiles expert. What was he doing on the Golan and why now?

Israel, as usual, has not formally taken responsibility for the strike, which occurred within the context of escalating Israeli-Hezbollah tensions, and only three days after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared that Hezbollah would ???enter into Galilee and???go even beyond the Galilee??? ???that is to say, a clear declaration that their near-term intension is to conquer territory of Israel (that is, for the uninformed, so-called ???pre-1967??? territory).

Israeli military analyst Amos Harel wrote an analysis last December indicating that

Hezbollah has built up a terror infrastructure in the Golan Heights with Syrian and Iranian assistance. What is their objective there now?

Hezbollah???s commander in the Golan Heights was Jihad Mughniyeh, the so-called ???prince??????the son of Imad Mughniyeh who was assassinated in 2008 (Damascus); some reports accused Israel of this, as well. Imad Mughniyeh was Hezbollah ???Chief of International Operations??? and the mass murders in Buenos Ares and the hundreds of Americans killed in the Beirut massacre were all attributed to this person. Mohammed Issa, young Mughniyah???s mentor and a quite senior Hezbollah commander in his own right, was also killed in the same raid.  A double loss of major persons for Iran???s proxy.

Iran has confirmed, two days later, Mohammed Ali Allahdadi was among their dead. He was reportedly a close confidant of Qassem Suleimani, the head of the IRGC???s international division, the Quds Force (???Quds??? means Jerusalem). Allahdadi was a ballistic missiles expert and was reportedly ordered to establish four Hezbollah missile bases on the Syrian Golan.  Query: Hezbollah has an extremely extensive missile infrastructure in South Lebanon, in strict violation of UNSC 1701 and other international agreements, and strictly against the UNFIL mandate. Why build more?

Another Iranian among the dead was Colonel Ali Tabatabai, the commander of the IRGC???s Radwan units; Special Forces that specialize in cross-border raids and small-unit tactics, in Lebanon.

Some reports (said) claimed that the strike was targeting the missile project.

Clearly, the presence in the Golan Heights of Tabatabai is an indication that Iranian officials were intent on a high level operation against Israel.

Western intelligence officials were quoted as saying that Jihad Mughniyeh was planning future attacks against Israel. Well, that is certainly no big shock; Hezbollah is always ???planning future attacks against Israel??? ??? so what is new here?

As stated, Hezbollah has tremendous missile infrastructure throughout Lebanon, with emphasis in the south, all for the clear purpose of striking Israel.  Hezbollah now has over 150,000 missiles installed and ready for firing. To put perspective upon this, this capability is LARGER than ALL Western European Armies combined!  Clearly, simply installing a few more missile installations against Israel makes simply zero sense, even for madmen.  Hezbollah is crazy, not stupid.

Neither is Iran.

Iran has missile sites in Venezuela.  These are not aimed at Israel. They are aimed at the heartland of the United States.

The primary attribute of the Golan Heights is height.

Putting it simply, a major missile base in the Syrian Golan is a direct threat against Europe. From there, already existing Iranian missile can hit ANY and EVERY European capitol and city.

What can possibly be more ironic than the fact that Israel is today Europe???s first line of defence, while Europe does everything possible to harm Israel?

Persia delenda est ??? Ceterum censeo Persia esse delendam?