Rick Perry: 'A congressional majority is a terrible thing to waste'

Gov. Rick Perry may or may not be running for president come 2016, but his speech at the American Principles Project Red, White, and Blue Gala made a “leaning yes” bet pretty convincing.

With the power and swagger reminiscent of a southern football coach, Perry delivered his speech as though his team were down by a touchdown at halftime, rallying his audience with substance, spirit, and strategy.

???When I look at America,” Perry said, “I see past our present decline, to a future of great promise.???

Speaking like a true 2016 presidential candidate, the former governor addressed the big issues: energy, immigration, the economy, and foreign policy, with a nod, of course, to his own accomplishments in his home state.

Which GOP Presidential Candidate would you pick in 2016?

???In my 14 years as governor, Texas created nearly one-third of all jobs created in America,” Perry said. “In the last seven years, Texas created 1.4 million jobs.???

“Unlocking the potential of the American worker,” Perry went on, “starts with energy… Six years of study on this Keystone pipeline, and still nothing???s happening.???

Hearkening back to his efforts to secure our border with Mexico, Perry added, “I can think of no greater example [of] Washington???s ineptness [than its] refusal to secure our border with Mexico…We have not stood idly by as that threat faced us in Texas. I deployed the Texas National Guard to the border to fight criminal activity and Texas has done more than any state in this nation to secure that border and the message is clear: As long as Washington fails to do its constitutional duty, to secure that border, Texas will.??? 

Perry also took aim at the Obama administration for choosing to “abandon our friends and weaken our alliances.” 

“Evil,” Perry said, “must be confronted…what is needed at this time in history is a clear vision of the world, with America leading again and freedom on the march again.???

The Perry platform, in conclusion: ending over-spending and “job killing regulation,” and adopting “the red state model, where taxes are low, regulations are reasonable, and opportunity is on the rise.???