Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Republican Field

There is a simple reason why Donald Trump is leading the race nationally amongst the numerous Republicans vying for the nomination of their party. Voters are despondent, and angry, and looking for somebody different.

Republicans are mad that the Republican controlled Congress has produced nothing. They recognize that the Republican leadership has been ineffectual. They see Donald Trump fighting and fighting hard.

Same seems to be true on the Democratic side where Hillary Clinton has been forced to re-launch her campaign two times, because she is such a boring candidate who does not say anything to excite rank and file Democratic voters.

Donald Trump has tossed aside the Queensbury rules of combat for a political version of a bloody MMA battle. This has caused chaos in the Republican field that will hurt Gov. Jeb Bush more than any other candidate. As we get closer to debates, it is clear that Trump will train his fire on Jeb and it is not going to be pretty. Expect Jeb to have to tap out of this political fight when it becomes a Trump versus Bush debate battle.

While Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is pulling huge crowds and showing that Clinton has a glass jaw, Republicans leaders in Washington have done as much as they can to help put Hillary, or another Democrat, into the White House.

Polls indicate that since the Republican sweep to victory in 2014, President Obama???s popularity is rising. That helps Hillary.

During that time, Republican rage at leadership is also rising. A recent Pew Research Center study found that ???the Republican Party???s image has grown more negative over the first half of this year. Currently, 32% have a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 60% have an unfavorable view. Favorable views of the GOP have fallen nine percentage points since January.??? This is because a Republican controlled Congress has helped President Obama close out his second term with some historic victories.

While Republicans in the Capitol are floundering, Donald Trump has electrified the polls with some harsh populist rhetoric against all things Washington, DC.

It has not taken long for the establishment to fire back at The Donald. Rick Wilson wrote a snarky piece in Politico where he argued ???greetings, Donald Trump super fans. I am a member of the GOP establishment. I???m writing to tell you that, no matter how much you wish it otherwise, the Donald Trump candidacy is almost over.??? Wilson makes a weak case that somehow support for Trump translates into support for Hillary, because Trump can???t win.

Not to be outdone, Victor David Hanson at National Review Online has an equally ridiculous piece comparing Donald Trump to President Obama. ???In his current unbridled commentary and without worry over party politics, Obama has perhaps gone the full Trump ??? though in the opposite fashion of tossing out politically correct themes of the progressive Left, which lead to little concrete action. So Obama is Trump???s doppelgänger. The two see the world in similarly materialist ??? though, again, opposite ??? terms.???

John Feehery at The Hill went in another direction by comparing Trump to Joe McCarthy. ???McCarthy wasn???t wrong about communist influence in the State Department or in Hollywood. There were plenty of spies in both places, as records would later show. But his approach to weed them out was paranoid, undisciplined and erratic. And when he decided to take on the Army, he made a huge strategic mistake. Donald Trump reminds me a bit of McCarthy.??? I am sure a George Wallace or Adolph Hitler analogy is in the establishment hip pocket for the next round of attacks.

Despite the establishment attempt to bully voters, the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll puts Trump at the top with 24%. The numbers indicate that he has siphoned off Tea Party support from Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Gov. Christie???s support was cut in half because he seems to be a less conservative version of the outspoken New York/New Jersey guy. It looks like New York is tougher than New Jersey in this battle of the tough talking politicos.

Democrats should not be so excited about Trump screwing up the Republican field, because they have their own problem ??? Hillary Clinton. The latest Quinnipiac poll indicates that the coronation of Hillary may be on hold because she is losing in head to head battles in the swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. Her favorability ratings are bad and she is looking over her shoulder at Sen. Sanders who is gaining fast.

Democrats are not ripping Sanders, because they are in denial that Hillary is a terrible candidate. They forget that she gave away the nomination in 2008 when she ran a terrible campaign. Her strategy right now is to embrace the socialism-lite and hope that the Sanders campaign peters out on its own.

The American people are sick and tired of the lame establishment policies of both parties. Hillary and Jeb???s attempt to retain control for our nations??? two royal families ??? the Clintons and the Bushes ??? may be on hold. Get some popcorn and enjoy the next few months while the voters of both parties root for the underdog socialist and bombastic billionaire.

Trump and Sanders may not win, but they sure will make it interesting. They also show that the American public is ok with some non-traditional candidates who are scrapping with two well-funded establishment elites.