WATCH: Actor Tom Arnold in Bizarre ‘Pro-Nazi’ Tirade.

Watch as the Hollywood wash up declares fealty to murderous anti-Semites over President Trump

YouTube / Michael Gruen

Leftist actor Tom Arnold told a group of young conservatives outside Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles that he would prefer to vote for an actual Nazi than endorse President Trump in 2020.

The bizarre, pro-Nazi tirade features Arnold speaking to the Vice President of X Strategies Michael Gruen.

“I would endorse a fucking Nazi against Trump,” Arnold said to audible surprise from his sidewalk audience.

“Really, man?” asks Gruen, prompting Arnold to attempt to correct his endorsement of a political party that systematically murdered six million Jews.

“I mean, compared to Trump? Trump’s the head Nazi.”

Adolf Hitler was in fact, the “head Nazi”.

Arnold goes on to state how “Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had,” adding: “He’s a white supremacist”.

The washed-up actor turned political commentator then unloads on former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, as well as accusing President Trump of “sucking Putin’s dick every God damn day”.

“Russia’s a shithole,” he adds.

Gruen told Human Events of the incident: “As a Jewish teenager, I really found his comments about Trump being the head Nazi to be preposterous and idiotic. My great grandparents were killed by actual Nazis, not the President of the United States who moved the American Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

“Whether you’re a fan of the President or not, he’s been incredibly pro Israel and supportive of the Jewish people.”

During the 7-minute video Arnold also heaps praise on Never Trumper Ben Shapiro.

At the end, he tells the camera, “I wouldn’t really vote for a Nazi”.

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