Kristol’s ‘Conservatives’ Ding Human Events: ‘Trumpism Is Utterly Incoherent’

Former Weekly Standard writer-turned-Bulwark blog’s “editor-in-chief” Charlie Sykes took to the pages of the establishment Politico magazine to brand Human Events leaders Will Chamberlain and Raheem Kassam as “woolly conspiracy mongers”.

Sykes joins National Review‘s David French in the article entitled “Reagan’s Favorite Rag Gets a Trump-era Makeover”, pouring scorn over the Human Events team, despite not knowing either of them.

“Isn’t the crackpot lane already kind of crowded?” – Bulwark blogger Charlie Sykes

“Isn’t the crackpot lane already kind of crowded?” Sykes opined to author Ben Schreckinger.

French added, despite admitting to not having read the new Human Events: “Trumpism is solely defined as advancing the interests of the man Donald Trump. People are trying to put some sort of intellectual frame around the ambitions of this one guy, who doesn’t even have a particularly coherent ideology himself. If they can make something that is utterly incoherent coherent — more power to them.”

Sykes, a former Weekly Standard writer before the Kristol magazine shuttered due to repeated anti-Trump related failures, now runs a blog called ‘The Bulwark’, which publishes leftists and ‘Never Trumpers’. The Bulwark is owned by the Bill Kristol outfit known as the Defending Democracy Together Institute.

Sykes did not elaborate upon which “conspiracies” either Chamberlain or Kassam have ever mongered. Presumably because they haven’t.

Bulwark writers have reached out to Human Events in recent days, inviting the editors to parties.

“I don’t know who those people are, and I’m not going to their parties”.      – Raheem Kassam

Human Events Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam said, “I don’t know who those people are, and I’m not going to their parties”.

National Review recently sent out an e-mail urging recipients to donate to their “Spring 2019 Webathon” wherein the organization is attempting to raise $175,000 in their words: “well, to keep the lights on”.

The Politico piece reads:

Since launching at the beginning of this month, the new publishers are claiming some modest early success. Ten days in, the group had amassed roughly 600,000 pageviews and more than 750 paying members, or “Founding Fathers.” The early ranks of members — who pay $17.76 a month — include Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney. Kassam ran into Giuliani at the Trump Hotel last week and helped the former New York City mayor purchase a membership on his iPad.

[maxbutton id=”2″ text=”Join Giuliani As a ‘Founding Father’ of Human Events” ]

Giuliani said this fixation on de-platforming has drawn him back to the publication, which he became a fan of in the ’80s . “I like making the issue of censorship relevant and educating everyone that free speech even includes people right of center,” he said.

“Ironically, precisely because H.E. never cared about political access, it became the newspaper of record in the Reagan White House — the only newspaper the president read cover to cover every week and insisted be placed in the Oval Office waiting rooms,” wrote… commentator Ann Coulter, a longtime contributor to the old Human Events, in an email.

The new Human Events aims to fuse Kassam’s sense of flair with Chamberlain’s aggressive style of argumentation. Chamberlain came to Washington to attend law school at Georgetown in 2012. He went on to practice law for two years before calling it quits in 2017 to focus on politics — a shift that led him to devote a great deal of time to joining culture war squabbles on social media, where has a amassed a sizeable-for-politics Twitter following.


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