Human Events Announces Changes to Leadership Team

(Washington, DC) – Today, Human Events, the flagship conservative outlet of populist and nationalist thought, announced changes to its leadership team.

Will Chamberlain, Publisher of Human Events, announced that Raheem Kassam, Global Editor in Chief, will be leaving that role. Chamberlain will assume the role of Editor in Chief after Kassam’s departure.

“We thank Raheem for his work helping to relaunch Human Events and we look forward to seeing his contributions to the conservative movement in the years ahead,” said Chamberlain.

“We look forward to continuing to produce the highest quality content in the conservative movement today and building on the success we have enjoyed since our relaunch,” continued Chamberlain.

Human Events will focus on providing a platform for some of the most important, creative and imaginative voices in the conservative movement. “Human Events will put a premium on quality over quantity. We want Human Events to be the go to outlet for consumers looking for in depth, cutting-edge thought pieces on the issues of concern for conservatives today,” said Chamberlain.

“Now, more than ever, we need conservative media outlets, like Human Events, that can counter the liberal media establishment,” concluded Chamberlain.