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Yes, that’s a REAL video of President Ronald Reagan endorsing Human Events. We were his favorite magazine.

But a lot has changed since Reagan, and we need to change with it. That’s where you come in.

You probably already know how much right-leaning outlets are boycotted, and how we can’t rely on corporate advertising for survival. It’s a shame, but it is reality.

That’s why we recently relaunched Human Events as a website with a membership program so that you can support high-quality, conservative news for the reasonable and historically relevant price of $17.76 a month.

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When you become a Founding Father of the site, you get access to a special Discord chat channel that is reserved for members and where the owners, editors, and writers of the site hang out. We also host a members-only, weekly, private, call-in radio show with the editors.

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So come and join the team at Human Events today, and show the establishment and the political left that you are not afraid to back your views up with your wallet, and that conservative media will not go quietly into the night.
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Do it for us. Do it for America. Do it for MAGA. And most of all…Do it for the Gipper!

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